Regatta Hero - Automatic Sailing Regattas

An app for starting sequence, GPS tracking, finish line, and handicap evaluation (Yardstick, Texel, SCHRS). With optional support for timed races and Kangaroo start. Especially suitable for fun regattas, weekly club regattas, or training regattas.

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Overview about Regatta Hero

Replay of the Week: WYC FN

Manuals (PDF, German)

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Conduct Sailboat Races Stress-Free

Minimal Organizing Team

Only one race officer is required; the app takes care of the start and everything else. The race officer can even sail in the regatta.

Automated Finish Evaluation

The finish line is automatically recognized and evaluated based on sailed or calculated time (Yardstick, Texel, or SCHRS).

GPS Boat Tracking in Web Browser

The regatta can be tracked in real-time or as a recording in the clubhouse or over the internet.